100 Words XXXXV. Verdis Quo – Daft Punk

DiscoveryToday’s 100 feature a  beautifully constructed piece; Verdis Quo is one of my favourite songs from Daft Punk’s 2001 masterpiece Discovery. It’s a tune which burrows it’s way into your mind, the insistent groove is a thing of wonder. It smoothly blends house with baroque harmony creating an air of graceful sophistication. But the real cherry on top is the fact it all majestically rests  on a relaxed groove, relaxed yet profoundly forceful. It’s a tune which invites both peace and distance, a tune for holding somebody, yet somehow still for quiet solitude.

To any drummers reading this, I suggest blasting this groove and having a free for all, it’s apparent simplicity has amazing opportunities for improvisation.


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