100 Words XXXXIV. September – Earth, Wind and Fire.

septemberWell September has come once again, I’d be remiss if I didn’t use this tune as a set of 100. It combines funk, soul and of course, the genre for which they are best known, disco.

This groove is full of beauty, there’s absolutely no other way to put it. This is the Elements truly on form. The hard hitting pulse, the fundamental core which drives you’re feet along is a truly wonderful use of beat, (and cowbell might I add). Bailey’s falsetto creates riffs which are just supposed to be sang along to; the interplay between himself and White, is a truly brutal combination.

But all that aside, the piece belongs to the Phenix Horns, these guys create a powerful outro which well and truly leaves you gagging for more.

Dedicated to Danni Argent. It’s her birthday and she needs this song in her life. Slojam.


100 Words XXXXIII. Three – Massive Attack.


Todays 100 features a groove which flirts with the insatiable lusty family of rhythms which samba music blessed us with so many years ago.

Three is a song which provokes a profound amount of nostalgia, Its deliberate flow, and smooth insistent pulse creates a mind blowing rhythm, reminiscent of the rumba. It has a wonderful amount of sex appeal, but that’s not really the point in the tune,  Its introverted, it’s focus lies in your own self evaluation. Nicolletes breezy vocals create this aura of taking ones fate into your own hands, it’s hypnotising, listen and fall into a reverie, It truly is a beautiful gift.

100 Words. XXXXII. Smash – Avishai Cohen.


Everybody enjoys playing behind the one, even just sitting behind the one frees you up to to tickle the two. Drummers and Bassists will understand where I’m coming from. But let’s discuss Smash, Avishai Cohen has been called one of Israels greatest exports, I am inclined to agree with that statement, his mastery of harmony and rhythmic structure is something worthy of wonder. Smash subtly melds Funk, Jazz and Israeli Chord structures into a beautiful piece of life. The bonus comes with the flow of of the coda, there is only peace in this groove.

Enjoy. SJ.

100 Words XLI. Chet Faker – I’m Into You.

Chet Faker

I have a friend who moved from Leeds to New Zealand, She is truly a beautiful piece of life. She put me on to this tune, and I must admit, despite my better judgement I’ve fallen in love with it.

This tune, has a broken down minimalist kinda beat, and by that I mean it develops itself naturally. The slightly broken accents, coupled with the jarring keys builds into this harsh crescendo which can only describe a hurt soul,  What I really like about this song is the complete lack of effort in the head, Faker makes a song which needs lyrics, not need lyrics, and that’s a thing which not many people can pull off.

Enjoy. And Happy Birthday Ruth Glynn x

The Spandettes – Sweet & Saccharine.


The not so subtle subtleties of acid jazz are something which have always had an affinity with disco, people will still try to tell you disco is dead, but let’s face it, It’s still around and It’s doing surprisingly well.

From Toronto, Canada, The Spandettes are an incredibly fresh 10 piece outfit with a beautiful amount of soul to jam with their infectious level of groove. Alex Tait, Maggie Hopkins, and Lizzy Clarke are three singers who top off some purely gripping stylistic instrumentality. The seductive three part harmony, nicely funky groove, and provocative lyrics, bring a lovely balance to the horn sections flowing backing arrangements, which is in turn underscored by ridiculously a solid rhythm section, what more would you want from a tune?

For those of you who have more of a hard hitting palette, the single has a B-Side, a remix by Whiskey Baron, it keeps the integrity of the tune whilst giving another punchier dimension. But if you are anything like myself, you’ll stick to the original, as it really captures the puissant soul of a bygone era whilst remaining beautifully fresh.

Sweet & Saccharine is out on 26th August on Do Right Music, their album, Spandex Effect is set for release late 2013. Enjoy, Slojam.

100 Words. XL. Mosaic – Zeitgeist.


Today, I’m going to give you a taste of an impressive contemporary trio based in Leeds, England before you and. Zeitgeist are a band I’ve had the pleasure of working with before and having been blown away by their sound last year, i’m glad to report they’ve not only stepped up their game, they’ve gone above and beyond with Mosaic.

Contemporary Jazz is a genre which can be a little heavy to the uninitiated, there’s an awful lot of chaff to sift through before you find the wheat. Mosaic however is a wonderfully constructed piece, taking a lot of ques from a bygone era, it’s a subtle building of sensual groove, from the opening jaunty groove, Sam Quintana and Tom Higham (Bass/ Drums) underpin a jaunty groove which sets Aleks Podraza a powerful stage to weave a wonderfully syncopated pattern of rhythm. With many younger trios out there, it’s difficult to keep focus, but these guys truly capture our attention and awe for the entirety of the piece. It’s fair to say the Zeitgeist prove to us that the game they are playing is in fact chess, not checkers.

Enjoy, SJ.

Zeitgeist are in the middle of preparing their debut EP, until then why not check out their Sound cloud?

100 Words xxxix. Moving – Lanugo.

Lanugo-LanugoWell MRevue is back, my silence is ended. I thought I’d ease you all back in with a fresh 100 words.

Remember last summer, when the Olympics took over London?  Apparently it was great, (my regular readers may remember that I boycotted it last year.) That aside, my Uncle had a chance to see this brilliant band from the Czech Republic and he turned me on to them. Lanugo have a beautiful balance between “Nu Jazz” and Pop, it’s accessible  and wonderfully soothing, with a beautifully transparent soul to it. The real key to loving this tune is coming to terms with how wonderfully succinct it is, how seductively Marketa Foukalova’s voice draws you in and the construction of harmony is to die for, hers truly is a voice of power.

Look forward to some brilliant EP Reviews next week. Enjoy, Slojam.